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Beyond Wellness

We have created Nuffield Wellness Programmes as a strong team of committed doctors, therapists, counselors and wellness coaches who share a vision of assisting you in getting into the best physical, mental and emotional shape of your life. With this offer we are serving you on your journey to health and happiness that you fully deserve.
How to join our programmes

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Contact us to book a free consultation where you will learn more about the programmes you are interested in, you will also be given an opportunity to experience a glimpse of out relaxation techniques and meet our trainers.

Choose your format and date

Each of our programmes is customized based on your preferences; you can choose to join it either in a group or a fully private setting, in your preferred location (your home/office) or in one of the locations offered by us both in Singapore and in our selected retreat centers all over the world.

Get ready and enjoy

Based on your inquiry and preferred format, we will choose the most suitable programmes for you and provide you with all the necessary information and preparation guidelines. After you complete the programmes, we will offer you a follow up to assure your well-being.