Conscious relationships


June 16, 2022


Love has no shape of its own. It is our most natural, core state of being when we remove all the personal conditioning. It is actually not even a state of being, it is our essential nature. But when love is being interpreted by the mind and expressed by an individual based on his or her interpretations and personal narratives, it takes shapes and flavors.

It is like a light transmitted through a prism, creating a whole spectrum of colors. What flavor love takes in our life depends on the prism of our mind and how it interprets love based on our personal experiences. Depending on our mind and its conditioning, we can interpret and express love in a healthy way, enhancing the natural flow of love around us and uplifting others, or we can express love in a distorted way, usually through fear, pain, guilt or anger.

These are side effects of our own mental limitation and not being able to express love healthy and naturally. That is why to be a real lover and love the other in the most beautiful, fulfilling way, we need to first know ourselves at our core, and be able to look honestly to recognise all the distorted mental interpretations of love we carry.

The highest expression of love is not limited to any flavor, shape or color. It surpasses all the boundaries and limitations. For the love of something or someone, people are capable of amazing growth and impossible achievements.

It is only up to you how you express love in your life and whether you make it a driving force of growth, fulfillment and happiness or whether you will never come to terms with it and let your fears, frustrations and doubts take over.

Ancient Traditions and State of the Art

It is not possible to truly love someone in a healthy and fulfilling way if our mind carries distorted interpretations of love.

Most times we are not fully aware of what kind of interpretations we carry, that is why mindfulness and self exploration helps us know ourselves better on a deeper level, drop all the mental distortions and become both more loving and loveable people.

Expressing love in a healthy way and letting it flow naturally is a sign of inner wisdom, emotional maturity and surpassing our personal limitations. It is not intellect and IQ that makes us great partners, friends, parents and role models; it is our emotional intelligence that attracts other people to us the most, no matter what type of relation we are referring to.

That is why mindfulness and self exploration is so important for our own fulfillment and also for the happiness of people around us. The quality of impact we have on our environment depends mainly on our emotional maturity level and how well we know ourselves at the core of our being.

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