Beyond Wellness

Nuffield Wellness programmes have been created to offer more than a relaxing wellness experience; our intention is to provide the utmost comprehensive care for our clients wellbeing, refining and elevating the quality of their lives.

About us

We have created Nuffield Wellness Programmes as a strong team of committed doctors, therapists, counselors and wellness coaches who share a vision of assisting you in getting into the best physical, mental and emotional shape of your life. With this offer we are serving you on your journey to health and happiness that you fully deserve.

Our programmes are one of a kind and designed entirely by our team, introducing you to an experience unlike any other coaching, counseling sessions, workshops or yoga classes. The three success factors which make our retreats and sessions very efficient are their simplicity, practicality and universal approach while at the same time addressing your needs individually to make sure you get the most of what we offer.

About Anna Slusarska


Anna completed her certifications as a Corporate Wellness Specialist registered with the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, Registered Corporate Coach (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) and certified consultant in the Barrett Culture Assessment.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a volunteer at the International Association of Human Values. Being aware of the life energy from her earliest childhood, she is devoted to explore it and discover ways of working with it through tools like yoga, tantra, shamanism and some of the philosophies of ancient traditions.

Her biggest passion is sharing this beautiful space of consciousness with others to benefit from. Anna has created a variety of culture shaping, human values, personal development and wellness based programmes for individuals and organizations, which she now conducts.

These programmes blend both the traditional knowledge like yoga with modern trends in work culture and wellness.

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