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Inmode MiniFX


At Nuffield Wellness, we use our trusted Evolve MiniFX treatment to aid us in fat reduction and body contouring treatments. 

The Science Behind MiniFX


MiniFX uses radio-frequency technology to safely distribute heat to the skin and underlying fat, via deep tissue heating. This causes the fatty tissues to heat and contract. The vacuum and controlled energy pulses then work synergistically to provide beautiful body shaping results. This can treat multiple areas of the body such as fine lines, wrinkles and double chins. 

Using the A.C.E Technology, MiniFX safely optimises peak energy to pockets of fat in the body. 


  1. Acquire

    Smart RF thermistors are built into the handpiece which reads skin temperature 1000x per second to “acquire” therapeutic skin contraction temperatures without overheating the skin. Measurements are displayed on the control screen and audible indicators alert the operator to critical changes in the temperature and impedance profile in real-time.

  2. Control

    Unlike any other thermal technology, the “control” feature on MiniFX is a unique software that enforces unprecedented safety through controlled programmable “cutoff” temperature.

  3. Extend

    Research shows that prolonged exposure at (41°C - 42°C) is the precise and optimal heating temperature beneficial for skin tightening. With this feature, you can now expose the skin or adipose tissue to clinically therapeutic temperatures for as long as you want to receive optimal results.


Using a combination of 2 radiofrequency technologies, MIniFX works by including Adipocyte in the cell. 

  1. Basic RF

    - Heats adipose tissue
    - Increases metabolic rate
    - Lowers IRE threshold
    - Makes electroporation easier
    - Heat reduces the threshold of electroporation.

  2. High Voltage Pulse Apoptosis

    HVPA is a train of pulses, delivered at very high voltage electrical pulses in a concise duration (nanoseconds)

    - Electroporation: A train of ultrashort, high amplitude pulses, applied electric field across the adipocyte cell membrane

 Why Choose MiniFX?

The only non-invasive body contouring device proven in peer-reviewed and published human studies to permanently kill adipose tissue while simultaneously tightening the skin. Research has shown that it kills 30% of adipose cells and produces 13.7% new collagen in the body. 



  •  RF Power Level

    - For areas of thin fat, lower the RF power level.
    - The smaller the zone, the lower the RF power level.

  • Cut-off Temperature

    - The higher the temperature within the limits of tolerance will produce better results.
    - Gradual heating is recommended (2-4sec for BodyFX and 1-3sec for MiniFX).

     Treatment Process

    - Ideally 6 treatments for 6 weeks (depending on the severity of cellulite).
    - 1 treatment a week.
    - Divide treatment area into zones about the size of a small hand palm (perfect for the size covered by MiniFX.
    - Each zone is treated for 10-20 min.
    - Endpoint temperature is 42°C for optimal cellulite breakdown.


With such cutting-edge technology and positive reviews, there is no reason you should not jump on the bandwagon! We are sure MiniFX can work for your skin problems whether you want to get rid of your double chin or are looking to reduce the fine lines on your face. 

Unlike other invasive treatments, our technology at Nuffield Wellness is safe and effective. It is clinically proven to reduce the unwanted fat pockets you have not been able to get rid of.


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Our MiniFX treatments start from $200 depending on the area of treatment and the number of sessions with us. Contact us to get your first MiniFX session today. 

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