Hyperthermia/Thermal Therapy Is Effective For

Muscle Soreness, Joint Stiffness, etc.

Hyperthermia can alleviate patients’ pain, selectively destroy proliferating cells, reduce the intensity of the inflammatory response, strengthen their muscles, relieve muscle spasm, improve range of motion, and induce immunostimulation.[1-3]

Addressing Weight Gain

Hyperthermia induces a number of immediate metabolic changes by increasing metabolic rates. These alterations have been studied especially in intermediary metabolism like glycolysis, citrate cycle, lipid metabolism and oxidative phosphorylation.4

hyperthermia energy wave

How And Why Hyperthermia Works

Temperatures above normal body-temperature trigger a variety of favorable physiological responses including activating our immune system5.

High frequency energy that applies 39-43°C of heat to targeted areas, stimulating immune responses to strengthen DNA repair mechanisms.

Temperatures of 40-41°C greatly reduce the capacity of viruses and bacteria to divide and multiply and at the same time, make them vulnerable to the immune system[6,7].

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