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Cooltech Fat Freeze


The Cooltech Fat Freeze treatment is an extremely popular cult-favourite for cryolipolysis treatments such as fat freezing and getting rid of stubborn fats. It uses Adipolysis combined with vacuum and cooling technology to get rid of the adipose tissues under the skin.


The Science Behind Cooltech Fat Freeze


The Cooltech technology is based on creating apoptosis of the fatty cells. Apoptosis is the process of programming cell death. These are done to the cells that have been damaged beyond repair. In this case, to remove the unwanted fats, the fat cells are destroyed. Cooltech acts as a booster to kickstart the fat reduction process. After this procedure, the fatty cells start to eliminate themselves by physiological mechanisms.



What is the Process?


  1. We diagnose the areas of the body that are going to be treated. 
  2. Cooling gel is applied, followed by the dual applicators. 
  3. After about 70 minutes (or time allocated recommended by the dermatologist), the applicator is removed and followed by a massage.
  4. The results in the treated areas are visible after 3 weeks. 



Why is Cooltech Fat Freeze your best option in fat loss? 


  1. This technology is versatile in reducing fats in multiple areas of the body with fat pockets like arms, abdomen area, love handles, inner thighs and even buttock area. 
  2. Comes with 6 different handpieces for different depths and area locations. The different handpieces come with varying temperatures ranging from 3 to -8 ° for optimum results. 
  3. With dual handpieces working in conjunction, it reduces treatment time and allows for more visible and homogeneous results in just 1 session. 
  4. Due to the cool gel pad, reinforced membrane, maximum safety and skin protection are guaranteed for patients.
  5. Cooltech is the most exclusive and safe device for its innovative technology. 
  6. It ensures patients’ comfort with a controlled cooling setting. 
  7. It is a non-invasive procedure with no need for recovery time. Normal activities can be resumed on the same day of the session.
  8. It is a real alternative to liposuction or other surgical methods for fat reduction.


Before & After

Below are some before and after images after  6 weeks from their treatment. 


before-after-cooltechBefore                                                                                                                    After


before-after-cooltech-2Before                                                                                                                     After


before-after-cooltech-3Before                                                                                                                       After

Our doctor is an advocate for this treatment as it has never left a patient unsatisfied. Since full-body contouring can be done in just a few sessions, it produces incredible fat reduction results, fat freezing and entire body contouring. 

However, it must be noted that although the results can be seen in 3 weeks, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise to maintain the results. It is possible to gain permanent fat again if not well taken care of. However, we are sure to guarantee happiness with our fat freezing technology.


Our Cooltech Fat Freeze treatments start from $500 per session depending on the area of treatments and the number of sessions. Click here to book your first appointment!

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